Teta alit

Part of my OCAD U graduation exhibit #106 serving as my 2021 undergraduate illustration thesis. 
Teta Alit visually translates phrases from the Arabic/Lebanese language into literal scenarios to bring humour, lighthearted connection, and understanding between diverse backgrounds. This series will play with language and show how beautiful, poetic, and funny the Arabic language is. 
The title in english means, "My Grandmother Said". "Teta" is My Grandmother in Lebanese, and the word "Alit" can be translated to Said.
I made a post is made on Tumblr explaining what each saying means if anyone is interested!

El Ered bi 3ein Emmo Ghazel

Tanjara w Le2it Ghataha

Basselto Ma7rou2a

El Tekrar Fi Ta3lim El 7mar

Kalemak 3assal 3a Albeh

Toqbor Albeh

7amil El Sullom Bil 3ared

Rou7 Ballit El Ba7er

Fekhar ykassir ba3do

Re7na Salata

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